We,From rice planting to rice harvesting, brewing, which is the process of making sake,

I am also involved in product making ideas.

Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture.It is the town where the university we attend, "Heisei Kokusai University", is located.We gather from all over the country to study and play baseball at this university, and we are active every day as a member of the women's baseball team.

Kazo City will announce in 2020Women's baseball townWas certified as the first issue.

As part of that, I started thinking, "Is there anything we can do?"

After that, I learned that Kazo City is the best rice field in Saitama Prefecture.

There, just as we were crazy about playing baseball, we were crazy about making rice for about 270 years with the producers who were crazy about making rice for many years. There was a brewery that came.

Both rice and sake are Japanese culture and tradition.We started brewing sake with such a wish that our women's baseball will be passed down to future generations.

As a gift for family and relatives who always support me, and as a thank you to those who have taken care of me so far.

"MEIKEI" for the people you will meet.

We hope that there will be a lot of smiles.

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